Public Schools?

It is my opinion that public schools are a terrible idea. They are odd prisons where brainwashing occurs. Since they are government run the children are taught what the government wants them to know and nothing else. I've run into many cases where the history books we were learning from were quite wrong. This sparked some amusing arguments.

By controlling what parts of history are studied and even causing for edits keeps the population uninformed. He who controls the past controls the future.

Many of our "Great American Heros" were in fact terrible, terrible people. FDR is a prime example. He created the "New Deal". He brought us much closer to being a socialist country. In many ways he succeeded. Then there was the little bit about getting us into the second world war. He set things up in such a way that we would all be outraged and support any military action deemed necessary.

Another good example was "Rosa Parks", the woman who refused to give up her seat on a bus in 1955. The history books claim that she was the first and started a wave that changed the country forever. This not quite true. She was a political activist who had done this sort of thing many times before. Others had done the same before her. Yet for some reason the history books only show her through rose colored glasses.

These lies are taught in the schools instead of the truth. Children are taught to believe anything they read from government approved sources. It's a form of brainwashing. Fill them with lies.

I was talking to my nephew a while back. He's about twelve years old. He didn't even know what the bill of rights was! This is one of the things they gloss over. They treat it as if it was some historical relic that has no place it today's world. The same goes for the Constitution. It is glossed over as well. They pay it a token bit of lip service and move on.

In my perfect world we would only have private schools. They are more effective in cost and proper education. It would also give the parents of a child the choice as to which school would best fit his/her needs. With government run schools you just don't have that option.

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