Property rights

Rough draft - Incomplete

All rights are derived from property.

If I own something then I have the right to do with it as I please. I have that right because I own it. It's my property. If I want to build a new house then I can do that. If I decide I didn't like the way it came out I can tear it down again. If I want to erect a statue of Bob Vila in my front yard then I'm free to do that. I have the right to walk up and down my driveway all day if I want and there is nothing anyone can do about it. It's my property.

If the property is owned by someone else then I do not have any right to use it, instead I only have whatever privileges the owner of the property has seen fit to grant me. These can be taken away at any time for any reason.

It's important to remember that property does not just refer to land. It refers to anything of value. Everything is owned. At birth we all become property owners. The first thing I ever owned was my body. Being as my body belongs to me I can do with it what I see fit. If I choose to smoke then that's my right. If I choose to get a tattoo that's also my right.

In my perfect world every piece of property is owned by an individual.

I think we all need to think a little more like small children. Small children understand ownership of property. Ever hear a two year old say "MINE!"? We as adults need to say that too.

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