National ID

The national ID passed recently. This will allow the government (or any other group) to track where we go at any time they like. As a practical matter this is unlikely that they would track us everywhere, but it is possible. They are far more likely to track people who move around in selected areas.

They are to be embedded into state issued drivers license. I doubt most people will ever know they are there. Everyone will have one though as you will not be able to fly, open a bank account, collect Social Security payments, or take advantage of nearly any government service without one.

When I get mine I plan to microwave it till it's dead. It's not the real solution, but rather a makeshift quick fix. We will all have to deal with the real problem eventually.

It's not like we aren't being watched enough as it is. I count cameras when I drive around. You should try it. The sheer number is amazing.

The national ID was passed due to being attached to a bill for "emergency" military spending. It will contain your personal information in a machine readable format. This could mean a bar code or magnetic strip. It will likely contain a RFID tag. I know the Department of Homeland Security has been pushing for RFID. If fact the Department of Homeland Security has the ability to add requirements as it sees fit without approval from anyone.

These cards are also quite likely contain biometrics data. This could include but is not limited to retinal scans and fingerprints.

The Real ID will take effect sometime in May of 2008. That means there is still a little time to try and fight it. Eventually they will just implant the tag directly in our bodies so a person can't forget their ID card.

Cattle are tagged by their owners. Will you allow yourself to be tagged?

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