Libertarian Party

I am a Libertarian. My belief system is as follows.

You may do anything you like so long as it does not violate the property rights of others.

That one sentence ties up everything in a short and concise manner.

Lets look at a few examples.

Murder. This is a violation of the owners property.
Rape. Another violation of the owners property.
Theft. Do you see a pattern forming?

That's all there is to it. Try to think about what you do with that in light. You will find that it covers all bases quite well. The only exception being "victim-less crimes". I do not in any way consider those to be crimes at all. I own my body, so I should be able to do with it what I want.

How many people are in jail or prison for victim-less crimes? You wouldn't believe it.

How much money does the government spend every year to prevent these "crimes"?

In my perfect world there would there would only be one law.

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