War on Drugs

What is the war on drugs?

It's not really a war on drugs. No aspirin was ever shot. It's a war on the American people.

Even though I do not advocate drug use, I believe a person should be able to do with their body whatever they like so long as it does not violate the property rights of another person. If Bob wants to smoke a little weed in the privacy of his own home when he gets off work I don't see the problem.

Marijuana even has legitimate medical uses. There have been countless cases of Americans who were thrown into prison for using the "evil drug" to increase the quality of their lives.

A large percentage of the people who are currently in jails and prisons are there due to minor drug offenses. Think about money spent to house these people! Who pays for it? We do.

More people die every year from the effects of alcohol, yet it's still legal. There was a girl from my home town a while back who drank so much she died from alcohol poisoning.

It's a bigger problem of course. It's about the government not letting us make decisions for ourselves. The FDA is a good example of this. The FDA is a silent killer. How many drugs do they hold back from the market or delay when there are lives to be saved by their use?

While I agree proper testing is a good idea for all drugs there are times when that can't happen.

Say I have some rather unusual medication condition and have a short time to live. Not long after I find a new and mostly untested drug that may very well keep me alive? My chances of living with the drug are better than without. What harm is there if I try it and it doesn't work? What if it kills me? I was going to die soon anyway.

Yet thanks to the FDA I'd just die without being able to even make the attempt!

There are also doctors who do not prescribe narcotics to people who need them. The doctors are afraid to write too many prescriptions because they are afraid of being noticed.

The mere fact that it's against the law to use drugs causes many people who would not normally try them to do so. "If they say I can't do it, then it must be fun". It also drives up black market prices and allows the quality to be largely unknown.

If these drugs were available at the local pharmacy at low cost that would remove the black market on them. A person could also use the drugs knowing the level of potency and quality.

The war on drugs is in fact a war on our ability to make decisions for ourselves. It's evil and must be stopped.

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