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Notice! I've been keeping a blog for years before they were cool. Hell, there wasn't even the word blog back then. Bow down!

Turn Ons: Computers, cats, anime, and the lady in my life.

Turn Offs: Anyone or anything that tries to violate my rights without my permission.

I'm a 29 year old guy who does odd jobs. I've had my web site address painted on the back of various cars including the current one. I ride motorcycles way too fast and sometimes I hang out in coffee shops, never use drugs, and never drink.

In the past I've had many, many jobs. Here is a totally incomplete list.
1. Chef
2. Babysitter
3. Security guard
4. Computer Repair
5. Tech support
6. Demolition
7. Construction
8. Dishwasher
9. Lawn mowing
10. Factory Labor
11. Waitress
12. Delivery guy
13. IT director
14. Live DJ
15. Sound director
16. Web designer
17. Mental Health

I love macs, hate windows, and am the king of no pants. If you question any of these facts I will explain it to you in more detail. I think the king.html explains the no pants thing pretty well. For now you will just have to trust me on the rest.

On a final note. You don't want to be like me. I'm not in any way cool. I'm the type of guy your parents told you to stay away from as a kid (too bad you didn't listen).

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